DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

A DIY, you guys! I finally got inspired to make something crafty last weekend. It was really easy and fun to make - with the exception of my cats thinking it was a toy for them (which was as frustrating as it was cute.)

The inspiration for this project came from Elsie Larson's nursery tour. The entire room is beautiful, but I fell in love with the yarn wall hanging she made. It's so simple, but I loved the colors and texture - it's different from anything I would normally hang on our walls.

I have so much yarn from various knitting projects, plus we had leftover copper pipe from our magazine rack, so I knew I could whip up my own hanging in no time at all. I went through my yarn stash and pulled out the whites/creams, blacks/grays, and three shades of green that I thought would look nice together. The beauty of this project is that you can use any colors or types of yarn you want, any type of dowel/pipe, and truly customize it to your liking. If you have all of this stuff on hand already, it's also free - which is always a plus in my DIY book.

Here's what you need!
- Yarn in several colors
- Scissors
- Tape measure
- Pipe or dowel

Here's what you do!
- Determine how long you want your yarn to be. All of your yarn pieces need to be double the length because they are folded in half when you loop them around your pipe. I wanted our hanging to be about 26", so each piece is 52".
- Start cutting! I started by cutting 6 pieces of each color and looping them to my pipe as I went. It's hard to tell how many pieces you'll need until everything is on the pipe and bunched together. I ended up using maybe 15-20 pieces in each color.
- Fold each yarn piece in half and loop them around your pipe. Bunch them together and add more yarn pieces as needed.
- Tie a yarn piece to each end and hang it up! (And trim the bottoms if you want, but it's not necessary.)

This DIY is obviously super simple and directions aren't really needed - so just start cutting and give it a try! I finished this in about an hour and a half or so and it didn't cost me any money at all. We have it hanging in our living room above our record player and I love the color and texture it brings to that corner of our space. I opted not to trim the bottom so it's super straight across, but I might in a couple months if the creases in the yarn settle a bit and it seems really uneven. Either way, I think it looks pretty great.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah & Nick