#MeetTheMeowburgs: My Bouquet

I've never really been interested in flowers. Nick knows better than to get me flowers for Valentine's Day or my birthday, and I certainly don't keep fresh flowers in our house on a weekly basis. When we first started wedding planning, I had limited knowledge about the costs that go into a wedding, but I did know that the floral costs can be pretty significant. To be honest, it also stressed me out a little bit. It's just one more thing that you have to plan and arrange before the wedding and have coordinated to arrive the day off. All that stress for something that I don't really care about.

To alleviate some of that worry, I decided early on in our planning that I would make a faux bouquet and that any other flowers we decide to have as decorations will also be faux. If you find the right faux flowers, you can definitely make a beautiful bouquet or floral arrangement that looks great. I purchased all of my flowers and greenery from Afloral, using this bouquet as inspiration. It was incredibly easy, and I'm still kind of surprised at just how beautiful it turned out.

Want to make your own? Here's what you need:
Note: In parentheses next to each item is the quantity I bought. Some require you to purchase a minimum quantity.
- Rain Tree Grass Bush (2)
- Lavender Mini Peony Bundle (1)
- Burgundy Protea Flower (1) (similar)
- Pink Open Roses (4)
- Mauve Roses (4)
- White Ranunculus (4)
- Forest Fern Bundles (3)
- Seeded Eucalyptus Spray (4)
- Green-Gray Lamb's Ear (3)
- Mauve-Pink Waxflower (4)
- Green floral tape
- Wirecutters

Here's what you do:
- Remove the tags from all flowers and cut extra leaves from flowers as you see fit.
- Begin to bundle together flowers and greenery, adding floral tape as you go to hold them together. If you've never used floral tape before, it's somewhat sticky, but you need to pull it taut when wrapping in order to get it to properly stick together.
- Continue adding flowers and greenery until bouquet is desired size.
- Cut stems to be even across the bottom of your bouquet.
- Add ribbon, lace, twine, etc. to cover floral tape, if you wish! (I did not do this yet, but will before our wedding.)

I've never made any sort of floral arrangement in my life, so honestly, pretty much all I did is bunch these together and call it a day. There was little to no effort involved and I am in love with how it turned out. My mom helped me make this (thanks, Mom!) and we finished it in about 30 minutes or so. I can't wait to walk down the aisle in a few months with this bouquet in hand. The best part is that I get to keep it! Or give it to another bride-to-be!

I ended up using all flowers and greenery listed above, with the exception of rain tree grass and forest ferns, which I had a few leftovers of. All in all, I spent about $100 on the flowers, so this wasn't exactly cheap, but I feel certain that it would be cheaper than purchasing a real bouquet. Not to mention, I don't have to throw this away because it will never die! Win-win.

xo, Sarah


  1. i love how this arrangement came out. and i love the color scheme.
    cant wait to see it all together! <3

    1. Thanks, Les! It turned out better than I thought it would, haha.

  2. It looks incredible! Well played. ;)