Copper Pipe Magazine Rack

When we moved into our home back in June, we decided to only update the house room by room to help keep our projects in check, and maintain at least a bit of order inside. Though the living room wasn't on the list quite so early, it seems we've been spending a lot of time updating the space. When I teach music lessons in the house a few times a week, my students' parents sit in our living room for the duration of the lesson, so we want to make sure it's comfortable, clean, and welcoming.

This magazine rack is a perfect item for this space. We have quite a few magazines that we keep around for our guests to flip through. We don't want them in a giant stack on the coffee table, and they really don't belong on our nice new bookshelves, so we needed a spot for them.

The copper pipe look is something we've had a little bit of experience with in the past when we built this simple plant stand, and we've seen similar takes on a copper magazine rack around the web. It's so easy to make up a quick project, and it always looks clean and awesome. Want to make your own?

Here's what you need:
- 1/2 in. copper pipe in the following lengths:
- 14 in. - 2 pieces
- 11 in. - 4 pieces
- 6 in. - 8 pieces
- 90° elbow joint - 8 pieces
- Copper Tee - 4 pieces
- 1 yard fabric of your choice
- Stitch Witchery
- Spray bottle of water
- Clothing iron

Here's what you do:
- Cut a piece of fabric that is 24" wide by 36" long and iron it flat (spray with water if necessary to remove wrinkles.)
- On the 24" sides of the fabric, fold over the ends 3/4" and iron to flatten. Insert a piece of stitch witchery in the fold you just created, spray with water, and then iron to seal your fold together. Be sure to press your iron in increments, do not slide iron over the fabric. Repeat with second 24" side.
- Fold your fabric in half length-wise with the seamed edges on the outside. Insert a piece of stitch witchery between the 36" sides you matched together, spray with water, and then iron to seal.
- You should now have a "circle" of fabric. Flip it inside out so that all of the stitch witchery seams are on the inside.
- Fold over the short sides of the fabric about 3-4" to make your loop that will hang on the copper pipe. Insert a piece of stitch witchery between the fabric, spray with water, and then iron to seal. Repeat with the second side.

- Cut the copper pipe with a pipe cutter to the lengths above, or to the lengths you decide on for your own design.
- For the piping structure itself, I think it would be a bit confusing to try to explain the design I came up with, so hopefully this quick little GIF below will shed some light on how we put it together!


We didn't use any adhesive on the joints because they seem to fit super tight anyway. This piece really won't be under a whole lot of stress, so we're going to just let it be! Obviously, you could customize the dimensions and the design to however you want it!

After a quick kitten inspection, we were so glad and relieved to hear that this piece is Poppy approved. The magazine rack is a perfect addition to this space, and it's so nice to have a spot for the magazines that have been piling up. I'd love to hear what sort of copper pipe projects you've been up to, so be sure to share any with us!

Sarah & Nick