Christmas Trees at Wigle Whiskey

Back when Sarah and I made our holiday to-do list, we wanted to make sure "volunteer" was somewhere on the list. Hopefully this will soon become part of our everyday lives and routines, and not a feature on the blog. I believe that the things we do that matter the most are the things we do when no one is looking (someone, somewhere said that - certainly not me - but I don't know who...) That being said, since we mentioned volunteering for the holidays, we wanted to spread the word about an awesome and fun way to support some local nonprofit work in the Pittsburgh area!

Wigle Whiskey is making giving this season easy and fun with their 2nd Annual Spectacular Tree Sale! At this awesome event, you can visit Wigle's Barrelhouse in the Northside to purchase a Christmas tree and get a cocktail on the house. All proceeds from Christmas tree sales go to two local organizations: The Children's Institute and 412 Food Rescue.

Attending this event last weekend was a no-brainer for us, as it combined a few of our favorite things - local craft spirits, a whiskey barrelhouse tour, hot apple cider, Christmas trees, pizza, and helping our local community. We had a blast, but more importantly, we're so happy that money for our first ever real tree for our new house went to support The Children's Institute.

Luckily for everyone who didn't make it, you can go again this upcoming Saturday and Sunday! We will be volunteering, so be sure to come out to the Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse next weekend to support 412 Food Rescue. Sarah will be greeting you at the gates, and I'll be slinging trees through the baler, or tying them (hopefully safely? I'm sure I'll do fine, maybe) to the roof of your car.

Be sure to RSVP and read more about this event here! In addition to Christmas trees, a free cocktail, and helping a local organization, you can also celebrate Wigle's Italian Christmas with the release of their newest spirit!

What are some other ways you will be giving back to your communities this holiday season? We'd love to hear about the great work you all are doing, and we hope to see you at Wigle this weekend!

Sarah & Nick