5 Weekend Trips We're Dying to Take

It's hard to believe we're nearly a third of the way through December (!!!) January is going to be here SO quickly, but we're also kind of excited because we'll be heading to Nashville for a long weekend! We can't wait for a few days away to explore a new city, try some new food, and spend time together sans work.

We've talked about it before, but a quick weekend trip is one of our favorite ways to travel. While it's nice to spend a week or more away, it's often more practical for us to travel for the weekend (i.e. it's cheaper and we don't have to take time off work!) We've started taking a quick trip every January (over MLK Day Weekend) - last year was Chicago and this year is Nashville (hopefully we'll find warmer weather there.)

We have quite a few destinations that we'd love to travel to, even if it's only for a couple of days. These are our top 5 weekend trips we're dying to take, a) because these cities seem awesome and b) they're inexpensive/easy for us to get to from PGH! By the way... our favorite way to find great flight prices is through Airfarewatchdog.com. You NEED to use it.

1. Toronto, ON, Canada
Toronto is actually a pretty quick drive from PGH, so we need to go ASAP. The first trip Nick and I took together was to Niagara Falls and we've been wanting to visit Canada again ever since. Our friends Sarah and Joel went to Toronto a couple months ago and it just looks so colorful and fun! Plus there's a Harry Potter bar, so what's not to love?

2. Atlanta, GA
"Hotlanta" - Nelly. In all seriousness, Atlanta has a lot of great bars and restaurants we'd love to visit. If you can snag a flight during a Southwest Airlines sale, it's practically pennies to get there too.

3. New Orleans, LA
Beignets, live music, incredible food, booze, and nightlife galore. This seems like such a rich, historical, and cultural city that is so fun with lots to do. We planned a trip there this year, but it fell through. It's definitely still high on the list!

4. Denver, CO
When it comes to vacations, we are not beach people - give us cold weather and mountains (I mean, we willingly went to Chicago in January...) We've always wanted to see the Rocky Mountains and visit friends that have relocated to Denver in the past few years. It seems so beautiful there!

5. Las Vegas, NV
If we don't seem like the gambling types, it's because we're not. BUT! There's so much more to do in Las Vegas than casinos (at least, I'm told...) If we're being completely honest though, Las Vegas is only a car ride away from the Grand Canyon, which is our main draw to there. We'd also REALLY love to see the Seven Magic Mountains installation while it's up. So pretty.

In case you need a little weekend travel inspiration, read about our trips to Chicago, DC, Ithaca, Cleveland, and Lakewood! What are some of your favorite destinations for a weekend trip? Do you have any Nashville recommendations for us? Share in the comments!

Sarah & Nick


  1. You definitely need to make a trip to Denver! It is so gorgeous there and theres a ton to do. There's usually direct flights from Pittsburgh too!