Basement Drop Ceiling Makeover with Home Depot

Last month Nick and I took on the task of redoing our basement drop ceiling with the help of our friends at Home Depot. Our basement had your standard drop ceiling - old, yellowed, crumbling tiles hung from a brown frame. It wasn't doing our basement any favors, and after giving the walls a fresh coat of white paint, the drop ceiling stuck out like a sore thumb.

A full basement renovation isn't in our house budget for a few years, but we knew we could make the ceiling look better in the meantime with a white frame and some crisp new tiles. We're so thankful that we got to work with Home Depot on this project to make our basement look 1000x better. Click over to their blog today to read about the full makeover and see more photos of our new and improved drop ceiling!

Sarah & Nick


  1. Hey! With those angled pieces you had to cut- do the tiles lay down nicely or is there a visible gab between the cut tile and track? Really love the look you got with these, but we have a LOT of cuts to make. Any input from your experience is so appreciated!

    1. Hi Stephanie! All of our cut tiles fit in really well! We were lucky in that our previous drop ceiling tiles (though grungy, gross, and old) were cut to fit well, so we just used the old tiles as templates. If we hadn't had old tiles to work from, I probably would have made templates out of cardboard or something. The new ceiling tiles are a little pricy, so I'd want to make sure I was making a perfect cut with each one. Hope this helps!