The Surznick Ranch: Lighting Roundup

Swapping out light fixtures is one of the quickest ways to make a huge impact in your home. When we moved into our house, we had ceiling fans in nearly every room (some had two!) and we've been changing them up as we work in each space. Today we're rounding up the different light fixtures we've installed in our house, along with some that we want to add down the road!

In Our House
9 Bulb Brass Light - This was the first light we added to our house. We actually had an electrician install it (there wasn't a spot for a light.) It's currently unavailable, but there's tons of similar styles online.
5 Bulb Brass Light - We installed this fixture in Nick's music room. It's handmade by a shop we found on Amazon. The quality is great and we love how it looks.
Globe Wall Sconces - These are actually made to be outdoors, but we needed four and couldn't find something similar we liked that wasn't out of our budget. We spray painted the bases gold and now they hang in our basement.
Bell Ceiling Light - We just got these in but haven't installed them yet! They will hang in our basement soon. We're working on updating our basement ceiling, so once that's finished, these beauts are going in.
Swag Light - This isn't the exact fixture we have, but I'd rather not link the one we bought. Our fixture is above our dining room table. The wires are white and tight against the ceiling (not so droopy.) We really love the way it looks, but we've having some issues with the sockets so I don't want to recommend the exact same thing. All in all, I think we purchased a cheap, poorly made fixture. If you like this look, the one I linked is from a custom shop on Etsy that has great reviews!

We still need to swap out the lights and ceiling fans in the bathroom, bedroom, guest bedroom, and kitchen - whew! I always make sure to pin fixtures that I love so I have them at the ready when it's time to get a new one. Below are some of my favorites right now!

On Our Wish List

Odyssey 4 Chandelier - I'd basically die for anything from Schoolhouse Electric. A little out of our price range now, but maybe someday!
Wall Lamp - These lamps from IKEA are only $20. I think they'd be great next to the bed, instead of a traditional lamp on a nightstand.
Bathroom Vanity Light - Right now this is the frontrunner for our bathroom. Hopefully soon we'll be yanking our the old (and awful) fixture that it's in there. I'd love to replace it with this!
Sputnik Chandelier - This one has been on my Amazon Wish List for months. It's my favorite for our kitchen right now. So pretty!
Spotlight Ceiling Light - This was the original light we wanted for the music room, but decided on the 5 bulb fixture instead. I still really like this one - not sure where I'd want to put it but it's a contender!

Can you tell we have a thing for brass? Have you swapped out light fixtures in your house? Which is your favorite from our house? Share with us below!

Sarah & Nick