Cat Nip Pierogies

When people think of iconic Pittsburgh foods, their first thought is usually a Primanti Brothers sandwich, but second is almost always pierogies. Pittsburgh is home to an annual pierogi festival and even the Pirates have a pierogi race during their games!

If you're unfamiliar, a pierogi is a Polish dumpling, most often stuffed with mashed potatoes and served with onions. They're perfect and delicious, and we figured our Pittsburgh born and bred kittens needed some pierogies of their own - stuffed with catnip!

Want to make your kitties some too? Here's what you need!
- 9x12" sheet of light-colored felt
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Catnip

Here's what you do!
- Cut approximately a 4.5x6" piece of felt (I was able to cut 4 perfectly from my sheet.)
- Fold each sheet in half width-wise and hot glue the sides in a half-circle shape (like a pierogi.) Leave a small hole in the top.
- Stuff the pierogi with catnip and then seal closed with more hot glue.
- Use scissors to cut a scalloped edge, giving them a pierogi look.
- Give them to your kitties for play time!

Hope your kitties like them as much as ours do! How stinkin' cute are Poppy and Weasley?

Sarah & Nick