What I Bought on thredUP

I've been sharing a bit recently about my desire to make clothing purchases from companies with firm ethical and sustainable policies. In this post from February, I talked about some companies I want to buy from, like PACT Organics, PeopleTree, Everlane, etc. but also about my love of buying secondhand from thredUP.

If you're not familiar with thredUP, it's like an online thrift store, except pretty well curated, organized, and full of name-brands at an extreme discount. I've been shopping there for the past year and have found that searching the site and discovering pieces I love has become like a game for me. It's certainly more challenging than shopping a traditional store or website - but it's FUN. Finding an item that fits your style, in a color you like, in your size, and buying it before someone else gets to it... it's exhilarating and so rewarding. I love opening that box of clothes and trying on the new-to-me pieces, and falling in love with new clothes that I can feel good about buying.

The other day on Instagram I shared an outfit that was entirely made up of thredUP purchases and a couple people asked me to share more of my thredUP finds, so today I thought I would put together some of the items I've purchased, along with the estimated retail price vs. what I paid. Here we go! (Note: I'm linking everything so you can see better product photos, but it's all going to be marked as sold since, well... I bought it. But you can use the links to find similar items!)

Madewell top - $89 retail; $20 thredUP
Madewell jeans - $89 retail; $29 thredUP
Target booties - not via ThredUP

Zara top - $48 retail; $15 thredUP
Kimchi Blue skirt - $45 retail; $11 thredUP
Vince Camuto booties - $95 retail; $26 thredUP

J. Crew top - $32 retail; $12 thredUP
Zara skirt - $36 retail; $11 thredUP
Warby Parker glasses - not via ThredUP
Bonnibel shoes - not via ThredUP

J. Crew top - $88 retail; $17 thredUP
Madewell skirt - $89 retail; $14 thredUP
Jessica Simpson shoes - $60 retail; $10 thredUP
Warby Parker glasses - Not via ThredUP

Old Navy Active top - $17 retail; $6 thredUP
Old Navy Active sports bra - $27 retail; $10 thredUP
Under Armour pants - $45 retail; $18 thredUP
Allbirds sneakers - not via ThredUP

Everything you see here was purchased from thredUP over the last year, unless otherwise indicated. ThredUP's total estimated retail cost for these pieces is $760 and I paid $199 - a savings of $561 or 74%! (To be honest, I bet the savings are even higher because I know Madewell jeans cost at least $120 brand new... not too shabby.)

While it's still my desire to shop for clothing directly from brands that support fair trade, ethical practices, are environmentally friendly and sustainable, I feel like thredUP is a great stepping stone to get there. I also recently cleaned out my closet and sent thredUP a huge bag of clothes I no longer wear, don't fit, aren't my style, etc. They went through my bag and selected about 30 pieces to be listed on their site for resale and they responsibly recycled or donated everything else.

If you liked this post and want to see more like this, let me know! Also, if you've never shopped from thredUP before, you can get $10 off your first order by signing up here. They run promotions relatively frequently, so you can almost always get additional discounts on your orders. I just recently made my first order through their app and saved 20%.

It's been while since I've done a fashion post on the blog and I'll be honest when I say that it feels a little weird for me, but shopping secondhand and using thredUP has been a fun adventure over the past year. I hope that this inspires you to try out the site, find some pieces you love, and realize how great secondhand shopping can be.

Thanks for reading,