#MeetTheMeowburgs: The Plan

We've been engaged about a month and a half already and we're well on our way to planning our wedding. We knew we wanted to have a relatively short engagement, so with about 10 months to get everything figured out it feels like we're talking wedding stuff everyday.

To be honest, it's a little overwhelming. Most "wedding planning schedules" I've found are 12 months and we have less than 9 months to go. Also, I'm not someone that's been thinking about my wedding since childhood, so I didn't have anything in mind other than to marry Nick. We're figuring it ALL out as we go. But despite us not having any ideas for our wedding, we've been hearing, "You're going to have the coolest DIY wedding ever!" for years now. Long before we were even engaged. NO PRESSURE, RIGHT?

Just kidding (kind of.) It's actually been kind of hard for me to let go of outside expectations of our wedding and to just do what we want. Our favorite weddings that we've attended have been 100+ people, a full meal, open bar, tons of dancing, etc. The "typical" wedding, I guess. Even though people probably expect us to have a backyard wedding with a pizza buffet, it's not exactly what we're going for. Regardless, we have had a few requests to share everything about our wedding here on the blog, so we're going to get started today with the plan (thus far.)

Pittsburgh, of course! We 98% have our venue - we just need to sign the contract. Pretty excited about it though.

January 2018 - it'll be here before we know it! We'll actually be getting married on our 9 year dating anniversary, which is cute, but also we only have one date to remember forever, so it's convenient.

Wedding Party
We're not having one! This is a bit non-traditional, but picking out a wedding party felt more like picking out a MySpace Top 8 and we just didn't feel comfortable playing favorites with our friends/family (we love them all!) So we're going sans-wedding party.

If you couldn't already tell, we have a hashtag! Thanks to our friend Jess, we will be celebrating our wedding with #MeetTheMeowburgs. (Because cats + Malburg.)

I already bought a dress online! I just couldn't picture myself in a boutique trying on dress after dress with a bunch of people around, so I found something pretty online and bought it. I obviously can't talk much about it yet, but you'll see it in 9 months.

I'm making my own bouquet! I'm pretty excited about this too. I'll share a tutorial here (assuming all goes well, ha.)

I think that's it so far! What else do you guys want to know? I think our next things to figure out are photography and a DJ... any recommendations? Thanks for reading!

Sarah & Nick


  1. a friend of mine got married as well on her 9th dating anniversary so their 1 yea wed and 10 year anniversary was even more special for them. and now they're welcoming a daughter soon!
    but i love that you're honest about having to remember the 1 date only. lol

    i cannot wait to see this wedding unfold!!!

    if you need any help (all the way from CA) let me know! (:
    congrats again you two <3

    1. Aw, that's so awesome! It never occurred to me that our 1 year wedding anniversary will mean 10 years together. So cool!

  2. Sounds pretty amazing so far! Looking forward to hearing more about the plans and seeing photos from the big day. Your ring is GORGEOUS by the way ��

  3. Yay! I love reading about this kind of stuff and your wedding sounds like a blast. The hashtag is so perfect too..very creative! I also love that you're not doing a wedding party. Makes complete sense and you know I'm all about staying away from tradition :)

  4. So, the Mr and I got engaged in October, and we're getting married in 1 month. So, 8 months. It's do-able for sure. We're hardcore big picture people & made all our big bookings, caterer, venue, DJ, photographer within a month, even got my dress. The rest, the details, we struggle with. Like DIY is SO not my forte, but I'm trying!

    I guess we don't REALLY know if our photographer is good yet, since we're still not married, but we booked him after we saw the pics from our friends wedding in early November. His name is Kevin Pietro, and he runs Pittsburgh Imagery. We thought pricing was super reasonable too.

    Seriously, the thing I've come to discover is that it doesn't matter HOW long you have to plan a wedding, you either squeeze it all in to a few months, or you drag it all out over a year. I have friends with a year+ to plan, and all they're doing it stressing out for longer.

    ALSO - make yourself a wedding email address, MeetTheMeowburgs@gmail.com or something. IT'S FREE - and will save you from spam in your personal emails, plus make it easy to find info you need quickly.

    1. Hi Jessie - congratulations on your engagement and wedding! Happening so soon! I'm already feeling like we did a bunch of planning right away and now things are kind of at a stand still. I'm sure we'll end up squeezing everything in before the big day. I hope everything is going smoothly for you! Best of luck!