Radisson Blu Saga Hotel

If you're just getting caught up on our recent travels, you know we visited London for a few days (read part 1 and part 2) and then hopped on a plane to Iceland on the way back to the US. For our first night in Iceland, we stayed at the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel in Reykjavik and it was truly one of the best places we've ever stayed.

We have lots of great things to say about this hotel, and we were only there a total of about 19 hours. There are so many amenities we didn't get to enjoy, including a gym, spa, and a few dining options. Though we were mostly confined to our room because of time constraints (with the exception of breakfast, obviously) it was still far and away one of our most memorable hotel experiences. Speaking of breakfast, let's start there.


The hotel offers two restaurants (Grillid, and Skrudur), separate bar (Mimisbar & Lounge), and a Super Breakfast Buffet. We were only able to enjoy the breakfast buffet, but enjoy is exactly what we did. The breakfast spread is HUGE, and seriously delicious. If you crave it for breakfast, chances are very good they have it for you. Even as vegetarians, we had no problem gorging ourselves on whatever our hearts desired. I'm talking croissants, waffles, cheese spreads, toast, cereal, fruit, pastries, scrambled eggs, Skyr yogurt, you name it. The list goes on. You even get a carafe of coffee at the table for easy refills. It is quite busy for breakfast, and for good reason.

Our Room:

Here's where I get really excited. This room was incredible. Let's just start off with the design. It is so refreshing to see a hotel designed and styled differently than what we have grown to know as the standard American hotel. The chairs alone in this hotel are worth visiting for.

The hardwood floors and minimal design helped this room feel so open, bright, and spacious. This bed was the #1 most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. It's hard to say if that is a result of traveling so much in such a short amount of time, or if it was truly the bed, but I wouldn't rule the bed out. There were USB outlets in the walls incase you forgot an outlet converter for your phone (luckily we didn't, but still a nice touch.) It was such a nice space - we slept in later than anticipated the next morning and just didn't want to leave.

The Shower:

Finally, the cherry on top. The shower. Now I've never really been one to criticize a shower too much - if the water is warm enough, I'm usually happy. However, this shower was from another planet. Sarah and I are completely convinced we may never experience a shower so magical. It may seem silly to devote so much effort on just discussing a shower, but I can honestly say that a trip to Iceland is worth it solely for a single shower in this hotel. I can't find a decent way to properly describe a showering experience, so you're just going to have to trust me, or stay at the Saga for yourself and check it out.

Iceland is one of the top travel destinations for 2017, and we can absolutely see why. If you're planning a trip, we highly recommend staying at the Saga Hotel. Accommodations in Reykjavik fill up fast, so snag a room here while you can and you won't regret it. You can see a gallery of beautiful photos of the hotel on their website, but be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram too! If this hotel alone hasn't convinced you to visit Reykjavik, we'll be back later this week to share more about what we did in Iceland - stay tuned!

A huge thank you to the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel for partnering with us on this post! We received a complimentary stay in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% our own - we absolutely loved our stay at the Saga and wished we had spent our entire stay in Reykjavik there. Make sure you go!

Sarah & Nick


  1. does the hotel offer electrical converters for guest? US to Iceland?

    1. Hello! Unfortunately I'm not sure. We brought our own converters on this trip. The room did have USB ports for devices that charge via USB, which was nice!