Bourbon Root Beer Float

It's no secret at all that Sarah and I are fall and winter people through and through. Summer is fun and all. It's just that it lasts so long (and that's pathetic considering we live in Pittsburgh where summers are considerably shorter than most places!) This summer has been so hot, and even the start of September so far has been way too hot (mid 90s) and I just can't take it.

Nothing quenches your late summer thirst like an icy cold root beer float. And nothing helps me get through a summer that is lasting way too long than a little bourbon and hard root beer to make things a little more interesting. 

Here's what you need:
- 1 bottle root beer (we used hard root beer, but you can use hard or soft)
- 3-4 scoops vanilla ice cream (we used Trader Joe's dairy-free vanilla)
- 1 shot bourbon (we used Wild Turkey 101 because why not?)

Here's what you do:
- Just combine it all into a glass the way you like it! That's it! Add a pretty paper straw if you're feelin' fancy.

I personally like it low on ice cream and heavy on root beer. I like when the ice cream all melts and the drink becomes like a cloudy, creamy, mixed drink. I usually stir it and wait to drink it until I get it all melted. Maybe that's just me? ... Probably. Sarah thinks I'm weird.

Whether you're loving the late summer heat or you're ready for football and pumpkin flavored things, this fizzy frozen treat is an absolute must! Comment below to let us know how you're dealing with the heat!


Sarah & Nick