Meet Poppy & Weasley!

We've got some meownificant and clawsome news to share with you today - we're kitten parents! This past Saturday we welcomed two tiny, cute, furry babies into our home. We're so excited to introduce our newest blog interns, Poppy and Weasley!

For as long as we've lived together, Nick and I have wanted cats. Unfortunately, every apartment we lived in had a no-pet policy, but once we became homeowners, it was time. We joked that we were going to stop and pick up kittens in the Uhaul on the way to the new house, but in reality we decided to wait a little bit until life settled down. We actually anticipated waiting until fall, but those plans changed when we recently saw a news article saying that a local shelter was inundated with kittens that needed homes.

We immediately submitted an adoption application, got approved, and were on our way to pick out our kitties! Well.... almost. Our first attempt was met with a dead car battery. Then a few days later, our second attempt was met with a (different) broken down car, on the highway, in torrential downpours. Was this for real? WHY DIDN'T THE WORLD WANT US TO GET KITTENS?

Who knows, but it doesn't matter because the third time's the charm! We switched cars, drove through the crazy, scary rain and made it to the Greene County Humane Society to meet our new BFFs. Poppy and Weasley are happily settling into their new home and we couldn't be happier to have them join our family. Welcome to your fur-ever home, cuties!

Sarah & Nick


  1. I'm obsessed with your SC lately..they are the cutest kittens in the world!!!

  2. Hi Sarah and Nick, it's your cousin Will. Have fun with your cats. (You should dress them up for Halloween).