The Surznick Ranch (Video)

Thank you so much for the likes, comments, tweets, virtual high fives, etc. on Friday's post. In case you missed it, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

We have so many things going on in our brains right now - coordinating a move, family visits, ordering appliances & furniture, planning room makeovers and renovations, plus working our full-time jobs and the excitement that is Penguins Stanley Cup hockey. It's hard to keep everything straight, but it's okay - we couldn't be happier.

There's obviously much, much more to come about our new house, but we wanted to give you the lowdown on The Surznick Ranch.
  • Our house is an adorable ranch-style home built in 1950, which is perfect for the mid-century modern vibe we're going for (score!)
  • Most of the rooms are a pretty blank slate - white walls and original hardwood floors. They need painted, furnished, and styled, but that's pretty much it.
  • The kitchen is, for lack of a better word, a disaster. We don't like it. Our ultimate plan is to gut the entire kitchen and get all new errythang. It'll be a time-consuming and expensive project, so it's on the back burner for now (pun intended.)
  • The other huge project we'll tackle in time is the basement. It's "finished" but not really. We'll need to remove the wood paneling and drop ceilings, scrape walls, paint, install new flooring... all of that good stuff.
  • Lastly, we love our house and can't wait to officially move in. It has the top three things we wanted for our first home: a great location, a driveway, and a yard. The last two are almost unheard of with city living, but we got lucky.
Follow me on Snapchat this morning for a peek at our empty house and plans on what we want to accomplish! (@sawissinger)

Edit: We uploaded the Snapchat tour to YouTube so everyone could see it!

Sarah & Nick


  1. Awe I think the cabinets are adorable country-chic. Paint 'em a bright color until your re-gut!