Watercolor Greeting Cards

My mom is pretty much the Greeting Card Queen. As far back as I can remember, she's always sent out cards to friends and family, whether it be for a holiday, or just your average Tuesday. I like to think this has been passed on to me, as I've become a big fan of sending out little cards to say hi to my friends that live far away.

For the newest issue of Holl & Lane Magazine, I wanted to create a super simple, pretty greeting card DIY that I can use to send out to friends or as thank you cards. These watercolor cards are so simple to make and are completely customizable!

For the full tutorial, check out Issue 6 of Holl & Lane, which just launched on March 1st. Inside you'll also find our paint dipped planters that we shared last week. You can also purchase a six month subscription for only $7.99 and get an awesome bonus issue (with a delicious recipe we made!)

To learn more about Holl & Lane Magazine, read our full post about them. The magazine is doing some truly amazing things right now and I'm so glad to be involved. If you love H&L too, consider showing your support on their GoFundMe page. All donations will be used to help with the behind-the-scenes costs of running a magazine and help to fund print issues down the road!

So tell us, are you a greeting card sender? Maybe we can become pen pals?

Sarah & Nick


  1. There will always be something so special about snail mail. LOVE these greeting cards so much...I'm a huge fan of anything watercolor. And yes to being pen pals! Although, my cards might look a bit like a kindergartener's artwork next to yours. Don't judge ;)

    Natalie | Natalie Was Here