Halsey House Bed & Breakfast

When I think of the Finger Lakes, I think of nature, hiking, wine, relaxation, and definitely indulgence. This past weekend, Sarah and I had the pleasure of visiting the Finger Lakes (more on that to come!) to see if our perceptions of the region were true. Nothing says indulgence and relaxation like an incredible bed and breakfast, and we stayed at the perfect one: The Halsey House.

I'm completely foreign to the B&B world, so when we pulled in to the drive after sundown to find two of the nicest men in the world approach us and say, "You must be Nick and Sarah!" I was certainly impressed.

Walking into the house, guided by David and David (the two owners) we learned that this beautiful property was built in 1829 by Nicholl Halsey. I don't know much about design, architecture, history, or pretty much anything, but I can say that this place is absolutely beautiful.

Later, we learned that much of the ornate furnishings throughout the house were family memorabilia or keepsakes from the Davids' families. Now, I don't want to get too public with the owners' personal lives, but let's just say a close family friendship with JIMMY STEWART comes in to play, here... (especially cool for us IUP grads!)

Our Room:

The B&B only has 5 guest rooms and we were assigned the "The Chamber." Small, but with tons of personality, this room was comfortable and inviting, had a huge updated bathroom, and an incredibly comfortable bed. What I really loved about this place is that despite the personal touch and friendliness of the owners and other guests, I felt completely comfortable to come and go as I pleased. It was a perfect balance of hospitality and independence, privacy and shared experience.

Speaking of shared experiences, I knew this place was special when we sat down to breakfast in the morning. All other guests were up and about, saying hello, drinking coffee (Halsey House special blend) and discussing their weekend endeavors.

And then the food arrived. Wow. The website mentions a "gourmet breakfast" but I was not ready for this! Now maybe this is just me being a bad blogger, but you're just going to have to go to The Halsey House and experience David's breakfast for yourself. It was my intention to take photographs of the food and report to you what each part of the breakfast was like, but I was completely thrown off track by the deliciousness. Ever-changing, and alternating between sweet and savory menus, the breakfast is almost exclusively sourced from local business and farms. David and David mentioned several times their interest in "promoting and investing in the Finger Lakes," and they are doing just that - spectacularly.

Needless to say, Sarah and I are completely sold on this B&B, and by extension, the Finger Lakes. We already can't wait to go back sometime in the future to spend more time exploring the region, while enjoying The Halsey House, its guests, and the wonderful proprietors David and David.

You can check out more about The Halsey House on their website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Disclosure: The Halsey House provided us a complimentary room. All opinions are our own. We LOVED our stay and can't wait to return!

Sarah & Nick