Our Halloween Costumes: Spaghetti & Parmesan Cheese

Every year I love coming up with couples Halloween costume ideas for Nick and I. We've been Bill and Sookie from True Blood, Danny and Sandy from Grease, and Margot and Richie from The Royal Tenenbaums. Usually our character costumes are dictated by whether or not Nick is willing to shave his beard (he's usually not), but this year I decided we should come up with a couples costume that would not be dependent on his facial hair (or lack thereof.)

I couldn't stop thinking about Nick's Halloween costume from the first year I met him in college (7 years ago now!) His friend Katelyn let him borrow a spaghetti and meatballs costume and he was an absolute hit. We decided that this year we would create his iconic spaghetti costume, but turn it into a couples costume by adding me as his Parmesan cheese!

How do we look?! Next Saturday we're co-hosting a Halloween bash with my friend Sarah and I can't wait to sport our costumes with all of our friends.

Putting together this costume was really easy and inexpensive. If you start now you'll definitely have it ready for your Halloween hootenannies next weekend!

Here's what you need!
For Spaghetti & Meatballs:
- Red sweatshirt
- Yellow (spaghetti colored) yarn
- Plastic forks
- Brown pom poms
- Colander
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun & sticks

For Parmesan Cheese:
- Green dress or shirt (I found mine at Goodwill)
- Fabric transfer paper
- Parmesan cheese logo, reversed for printing
- White fabric
- Paper plate
- Green poster board
- Iron
- Scissors
- Stapler
- Fabric glue

Here's what you do!
For Spaghetti & Meatballs:
- First, organize all of the attachments that you're going to include on your red sweatshirt. Nick's sweatshirt included meatballs (brown pom poms), spaghetti (yellow yarn), plastic forks, and plastic forks with spaghetti wrapped on the tongs. We hot glued yellow yarn around the plastic forks, but all of the other attachments were ready as is!

- Using your hot glue gun, attach the spaghetti, meatballs, and forks to your sweatshirt in a random pattern (it should look fun!)
- Next, place your colander on your head like a hat and measure how long you want your spaghetti hair to be. Cut your yellow yarn into the appropriate length pieces until you have enough to cover the perimeter of your colander, leaving room for your face. Hot glue the yarn to the inside edge of the colander.

For the Parmesan Cheese:
- First we'll make the lid! Cut a hole in the center of a paper plate so that it fits on your head securely.
- Using green poster board, measure a length of poster board that is 6 inches wide. Staple to the outside edge of the paper plate (you may need more than one piece to cover the perimeter.)

- Using remaining poster board make a circle with diameter the same length as your paper plate, plus one inch. Cut out three small circles to make your "shaker holes."
- Make 1/2 inch cuts around the perimeter of the poster board and fold them down. Add glue to the folded ends and attach to the open top of your lid. Lastly cut and glue a half circle to the top to make your closing cap.

- For the dress or shirt, print out the Parmesan cheese logo on fabric transfer paper. I split my logo up onto two sheets of paper in order to make it large enough. Make sure that the image is reversed so that it is correct when transferred.
- Following the package instructions, iron the logo onto a piece of white fabric. Cut out your white fabric along the edge of the logo and glue to your dress or shirt with fabric glue.

We hope that you love our Spaghetti & Parmesan Cheese costumes! Coming up with fun and creative couples costumes can sometimes be a struggle, but I think we did pretty well this year! What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Sarah & Nick


  1. This is the cutest costume ever!!! looks really easy too...very creative!

    1. Thanks so much, Gretchen! We can't wait to wear it on Halloween!

  2. Oh my goodness. Not only is this adorable it's GENIUS! Thank you for sharing 😁