DIY Welcome Mat

The August/September issue of Holl & Lane Magazine launched yesterday and I am so excited to finally share my contribution to this issue!

I've been itching to create a customized doormat for a long time. With apartment living, there are so many things you wish you could update or customize to fit your style, but unfortunately they're forbidden in your lease. For us, the outside of our apartment is pretty unwelcoming, but since we don't own this house there isn't much we can do about it. A cute, personalized welcome mat is a fun way to welcome guests into your home and bring a little bit of your personal style into your rental!

This was a super easy project. All you need is a plain doormat, porch paint or outdoor furniture paint (we found this in-store at Home Depot and had it tinted to black), and a 2" chip brush. Plus items to create a stencil, like cardboard, pencil, paper, box cutter, etc.

We of course decided to create a Pittsburgh skyline on our doormat along with the word "Home." It's the perfect way to welcome guests into our apartment and I couldn't be happier with the results. We're sharing a couple bonus photos here, but head on over to the latest issue of Holl & Lane for the tutorial!

Thanks for letting me share! There are a ton of brilliant articles in this issue of Holl & Lane, so I highly recommend reading it! Have a great week!

Sarah & Nick