Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Over the past couple months I have become increasingly obsessed with hairpin legs. They make any ordinary table or chair look infinitely cooler and I've been itching to incorporate this mid-century modern look to our decor.

Our living room coffee table was definitely in need of an upgrade, so this was the perfect opportunity to give hairpin legs a spin. The bad thing about hairpin leg tables (and the legs themselves) is that they can be a little pricy (at least by our standards). So I made it my mission to make an awesome hairpin leg coffee table without dropping big bucks - spoiler alert - I think we definitely did it.

Remember in our office makeover when I shared that our L-shaped desk was made from two Ikea Linnmon tables? Well, Ikea makes those tables in various colors and various sizes. When we picked up the 47" and 59" tables for our desk we also grabbed a 39" table top, which is the PERFECT size for a coffee table. Oh yeah, and IT WAS ONLY $6!

There are a bunch of places online to purchase hairpin legs, but my research showed that the average price was around $15 per leg, and the quality was a bit questionable. Eventually I found a set of four 16" legs on Etsy for $50. These legs have a 5 star rating, they're individually handmade, and they come with screws and floor protecting caps - SOLD. I am so happy with the quality of these legs and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase hairpin legs. We have hardwood floors in our apartment so we have to be careful about the legs of our furniture and I love that these legs came with floor caps so we didn't have to find an alternative somewhere else.

Once we had all of our supplies, it was time to put together our beautiful new table! The Linnmon table top has pre-drilled holes for the various types of legs Ikea sells, but we needed different holes to fit our hairpin legs. We marked where the holes would need to be for the hairpin legs and then Nick drilled new ones. After that it was easy breezy, we just screwed in the legs, attached the plastic caps, and welcomed the new coffee table to the Surznick living room!

What do you guys think? Isn't she a beaut? This table is a few inches deeper than our previous coffee table, which is nice for candles, books, etc. The MCM (mid-century modern, not man crush Monday) look is a much better fit for our living room decor too. Total cost for our hairpin leg coffee table: about $70 (with tax and shipping and stuff). Not too shabby for a table we absolutely love (there are way less cute coffee tables out there for way more money).

If you're curious about what's to come for our old coffee table, stay tuned - we have something fun in store and you know we'll be sharing all the deets with you soon. Have a great week!

Sarah & Nick


  1. I love the hairpin legs! They are so cute! You guys did a great job with that. That's great that it came with those little caps too, to save your floor from scrapes

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's from Urban Outfitters! I got it during a 25% off rug sale - I was so pumped.