Chocolate Strawberry Puppy Chow

For those of you that easily lose track of time/days/holidays like me, here's a quick reminder: Valentine's Day is coming up! Now, of all the holidays of the year, Sarah and I don't really indulge too much in Valentine's Day. That being said, ANY holiday is a good enough excuse for Sarah and I to whip up an awesome, tasty treat!

Chocolate covered strawberries are a Valentine's Day staple, but can be pretty pricey and typically aren't vegan. Luckily, we stumbled across this fantastic chocolate strawberry puppy chow recipe from Your Cup of Cake and it's oh so good! What's not to love? Chocolate + strawberry + puppy Chow = delicious.

Here's what you need:
- 7 cups rice Chex cereal
- 2 cups regular or vegan chocolate chunks/chips (We use Enjoy Life dairy-free chocolate)
- 1 cup strawberry cake mix (Duncan Hines is vegan, so that's what we use!)
- 1/2 cup powdered sugar
- Pink sprinkles or other decorations for topping

Here's what you do:
- In a medium glass bowl, melt your chocolate chunks until nice and smooth. We melted ours in the microwave, but you could melt them on the stove top if you wanted.

- In a separate bowl, combine cake mix, powdered sugar, and sprinkles.
- In a third, large bowl, Combine rice Chex cereal and melted chocolate until Chex are evenly coated with the chocolate.

- Add the powdered cake mixture, and toss until evenly coated. These last two steps get a bit messy, be careful to not crush all your chex, or to fling them out of your bowl!

That's it! One of the really great things about a good puppy chow recipe is how easy it can be. Oh, and how delicious it can be, I guess... I hope this gives everyone some incentive to make a special treat for the upcoming holiday. Do you have any other good Valentine's Day recipes you like to make? Please share them with us below! (If you prefer cookies, don't forget to try our Strawberry & Red Velvet Cake Cookies!)

Sarah & Nick