Our Trip to San Francisco

Are you guys ready? There's about to be a San Francisco photo explosion up in here! If you've been following along on Instagram (Surz, Nick) you've probably already seen a bunch of vacation photos, but there are just SO many that we want to share (possibly too many)! This vacation was seriously the best. Be sure to let us know if you have questions or comments. We'd LOVE to share more about the things we saw/did with you guys! San Francisco is so cool!

Also, a GINORMOUS shout-out to our amazing friend Steve, who opened his house to us, was our personal tour guide to SF, and provided us with endless food, beer, and all things wonderful for the past week. Thank you so much!

Nick and I had never been to the west coast, so getting the opportunity to spend a week in California, about 3 blocks from the Pacific Ocean was truly incredible. We haven't taken a real vacation by ourselves before (with the exception of day/weekend trips) because it's hard to justify spending that extra cash when we live on a tight budget. But sometimes it's nice to cut ourselves some slack and have a little LOT of fun. This trip was definitely one to remember.

And now... it's August?! We've barely scratched the surface of our Summer To-Do List and we only have about a month and a half to go! I'm ready to put the relaxation aside and get to work on some projects I have on the back burner.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah & Nick